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The 3 Phases

4M2020 is based on a phased approach to deliver the objectives of

• Cross fertilisation of product centred advanced manufacturing platforms
• Forming and developing networks and alliances;
• Advancing further innovation chains
• Assessing the maturity of application/product focused advanced manufacturing platforms

Three distinct phases are used to deliver on these objectives, and eight WPs are identified that will combine the expertise of the partners to engage with the wider stakeholder community.

• Phase 1 of the project is the mapping of the current and future needs of the different communities that will benefit from the development and implementation of new products and manufacturing platforms
• Phase 2 focuses on the development of new alliances and promoting collaboration through the concepts of open-innovation
• Phase 3 of the project will support the deployment of the advanced manufacturing platforms within the market sectors by bringing together the disparate communities in a series of collaborative workshops.

By undertaking this programme of work, new collaborations will be developed, strong alliances will be formed, and activity between the different technical and market sectors will be supported that will maximise the impact of cluster activities arising from the Framework 7 NMP theme. Previous experience has shown that these activities require clear incentives to bring together the disparate communities. Bottlenecks to this process need to be identified and actions taken to minimise the risks associated with new collaborations. The 4M2020 programme of work addresses these issues in a logical and efficient manner, while still encouraging the widest possible collaborations. The link between the phases and WPs is shown below:

Structured phase approach to deliver project objectives and impacts